Hama Star 61 – Trípode completo, 60 – 153 cm, color bronce y negro

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  • Marca: Hama
  • Fabricante: Hama
  • Categorías:Trípodes completos , Trípodes y monopies , Fotografía y videocámaras , Electrónica
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    Descripción del producto

    Adecuado para cámaras fotográficas y de vídeo,Con manivela para el ajuste continuo de altura de la columna central,Sus patas de goma permiten un firme control sobre una amplia gama de terrenos,Tiene estructura de aluminio que crea un soporte resistente para cámaras de hasta 3 kg. Keep Your Feet Firmly on the GroundBecome snap happy with this versatile and ultra portable Star 61 tripod from Hama. Suitable for both video and camera shooting, its aluminium legs with rubber grip allows it to maintain a sturdy grip on the ground whilst you create professional and high quality images. There is also an additional hook for weighing it down in strong winds to ensure it remains in place.The centre column height can continuously be adjusted (max of 158cm) with ease by using a simple crank, and then locked into place in order to achieve the perfect camera height. This combined with the smooth panning 3-way tripod head means that images and film can be captured from a variety of different angles in order to achieve the best perspective.Smooth panning of the tripod head also helps prevent jerky videos and allows the creation of a smooth and professional film. A great piece of kit for the money, and it even comes with its own carrying case which it folds neatly into so that it can easily and safely be transported around wherever you go and there will never be a moment in which you are unable to capture that special image.

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